2021-07-04: News Headlines

_____ (2021-07-04). Thousands March In Cancel Canada Day Actions. popularresistance.org On July 1, several thousand Indigenous people and settler and immigrant allies answered the call of organizations like Idle No More to protest the celebration of Canada Day and the ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples. Cancel Canada Day actions took place across the land occupied by the Canadian state, from St. John's, Newfoundland, in the east, to Victoria, B.C., including a march of thousands to parliament in Ottawa.

Common Dreams (2021-07-04). Eye of Fire as Ocean burns in Gulf of Mexico foretells Earth Future if we Keep Burning Fossil Fuels. juancole.com By Julia Conley, staff writer | — ( Commondreams.org) — A fire that raged for hours in the Gulf of Mexico Friday offered the latest illustration of the climate emergency and the urgent need to end fossil fuel extraction and invest instead in burgeoning renewable energy industries. An underwater gas pipeline controlled by Mexico's state-owned …

_____ (2021-07-03). Biden Has the Power to End This Outrage and Stop Enbridge Line 3. commondreams.org "Having to put out a fire in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico feels just too difficult to believe. And yet…"

Tanya Wadhwa (2021-07-03). Mexican state of Hidalgo legalizes abortion. peoplesdispatch.org On June 30, the Congress of the Mexican state of Hidalgo, with 16 votes in favor and 14 abstentions, The legislators who voted in favor of the reproductive rights of women all bel…

_____ (2021-07-03). 'This Is Our Future' Without Climate Action, Advocates Warn After Pipeline Causes Fire in Gulf of Mexico. commondreams.org These revelations should indeed be shocking to all of us as they lay bare the true reality of Exxon's dangerous views as a corporation and how they work the political system to allow them to continue their damaging ways.

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