2021-11-23: News Headlines

_____ (2021-11-22). The Amazon Army And The 1919-1922 Kansas Coal Strikes. popularresistance.org The struggle of the miners and the Amazon Army appears in no major labor history book. I decided to leave it out in my first book When Workers Shot Back (Ovetz, 2019) due to the lack of documentary evidence to write an entire chapter on it. This oversight is a mistake. The Amazon Army has much to teach us today about the interconnected struggle between waged and unwaged workers, immigrant and native labor, productive and reproductive labor, industrial unionism and organizing for power on the shopfloor, and the use of labor law and unions as a strategy for managing and suppressing class struggle.

Peoples Dispatch (2021-11-22). European Court of Human Rights holds Croatian authorities responsible for death of migrant child. peoplesdispatch.org An Afghan migrant family was forcefully pushed back from the border by the Croatian authorities in 2017. A six-year-old child in the family was later hit and killed by a train while walking on foot near the Serbian border…

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