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2021-05-22: News Headlines

WSWS (2021-05-22). Spain's PSOE-Podemos regime intensifies expulsions of refugees to Morocco. wsws.org The PSOE-Podemos government is expelling thousands of migrants from Spain's enclave of Ceuta to Morocco while detaining refugees and children in horrific conditions.

Ken Roseboro (2021-05-22). Mexico Wants to Import Non-GMO Corn and US Farmers Say They Can Deliver It. commondreams.org "Mexico's GMO corn ban presents an opportunity for U.S. farmers to supply non-GMO corn south of the border." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/organic_corn.jpg

Staff (2021-05-21). Headlines for May 21, 2021. democracynow.org Israel and Hamas Agree to Gaza Ceasefire After 11 Days of Intense Fighting, U.N. Chief Decries "Hell on Earth" After Israeli Strikes Sever Power, Water and Sewer Lines in Gaza, WTO Chief Pushes European Officials to Drop Opposition to Patent Waiver for COVID Vaccines, New York Launches $5 Million Lottery Incentive to Get Vaccinated , South Korean President to Discuss Denuclearization and Vaccines at White House Meeting, ICE to End Contracts with Two County Jails Where Immigrants Faced Abuses, Salvadoran Officials Exhume Dozens of Women's Bodies on Property of Former Detective, Amnesty Calls for U.S. to Stop Selli…

Peoples Dispatch (2021-05-21). Palestinians slowly return home after ceasefire in besieged Gaza and other stories. peoplesdispatch.org In today's episode of the Daily Round-up we take a look at the situation in Gaza following the cessation of Israeli attacks, protests by West Papuan communities in Indonesia demanding an end to violence and the release of political prisoners, the status of migrant children and teenagers in Spain following the mass border crossings from Morocco earlier this week, and the further implications of the ceasefire announced by Israel and Hamas.

Staff (2021-05-21). Homeland Security Tells ICE to Cut Ties With Jail That Sicced Dogs on Migrants. truthout.org In a move hailed as "a major win" by migrant rights advocates, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Thursday announced it is moving to end migrant detention at two county jails under federal investigation for alleged abuses including forced sterilizations and unleashing dogs on detainees. | DHS said in a

priscilla (2021-05-21). Farmworkers Modernization Act: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. dsausa.org Join the Immigrants' Rights Working Group of DSA for a discussion about current immigration legislation in Congress.

WSWS (2021-05-21). Two immigrants rescued from deportation in Glasgow by community intervention, as government escalates "hostile environment" wsws.org News soon spread through the Kenmure Road area and beyond of the attempt to remove Sehdev and Singh and hundreds of local people flooded onto the street to block the immigration van's exit.

Peoples Dispatch (2021-05-21). Spain cracks down on migrants after mass border crossing. peoplesdispatch.org The migrants were intercepted by Spanish security personnel patrolling the borders and at least 5,600 were sent back to Morocco by May 19. Meanwhile, hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children remain stranded in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta…

Editorial La Jornada (2021-05-21). Estados Unidos debe cesar la injerencia. globalizacion.ca El presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador sostuvo ayer que el gobierno de Estados Unidos ya se está tardando en dar respuesta a la nota diplomática enviada el 6 de mayo pasado, en la cual solicita aclarar el financiamiento a Mexicanos…

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