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2022-06-28: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-06-28). Massacre in Morocco: The ugly face of European imperialism. wsws.org The cold-blooded killing of at least 37 migrants underscores that as the US-NATO war with Russia escalates into a global conflagration, and workers across the continent move into struggle against the unbearable cost of living, the major European powers are resurrecting forms of state-organised violence and political reaction not seen since the 1930s.

Victoria Torres (2022-06-28). African Union Demands Investigation of Melilla Massacre. orinocotribune.com This Sunday, the African Union (AU) requested an "immediate and independent" investigation of the incident at the border fence of Melilla, Spain, in North Africa, in order to determine who can be held responsible for the tragedy. In the aftermath of the massacre, several videos and images have surfaced which attest to the brutal response of the Moroccan security forces and their lack of regard for human rights. | The tragedy took place this Friday on the Spain-Morocco border and is one of the biggest humanitarian disasters to occur in the region. So far, at least 23 immigrants have died while dozens were injured…

TeleSUR, yart, JCM (2022-06-28). ONU pide a España y Marruecos investigar muertes de migrantes en Melilla. telesurtv.net El comité de la ONU llamó a iniciar inmediatamente la investigación para esclarecer los hechos de las muertes.

WSWS (2022-06-28). At least 46 undocumented immigrants found dead in truck trailer in sweltering Texas heat. wsws.org Yesterday evening, a semi-truck trailer filled with at least 46 dead immigrants was discovered in Texas in the largest mass immigrant death event in US history.

____ (2022-06-28). At least 46 migrants found dead in truck in San Antonio. ecns.cn At least 46 migrants were found dead in an abandoned lorry on the outskirts of San Antonio, and another 16 people including four children had also been taken to hospital on Monday.

____ (2022-06-28). Sheer Yakh or Kulfi 'Afghan traditional ice cream'. en.mehrnews.com MASHHAD, Jun. 28 (MNA) — Sheer Yakh or Kulfi is a traditional ice cream (special of Afghanistan) which is very popular among immigrants and people of Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi province these days.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-06-28). México confirma reunión entre López Obrador y Biden el 12 de julio. telesurtv.net El encuentro entre los mandatarios mexicano y estadounidense se produce luego del hallazgo en Texas de un tráiler con decenas de migrantes muertos.

TeleSUR- hvh, JCM (2022-06-28). Asciende a la cifra de fallecidos en tráiler en Texas, EE.UU. telesurtv.net Canciller Marcelo Ebrard precisó que fueron reportados 22 mexicanos, 7 guatemaltecos, 2 hondureños y el resto sin identificar.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-06-27). Massacre in Melilla: A Barbaric Crime. libya360.wordpress.com Alejandro López 37 refugees dead, hundreds injured in Spanish-Moroccan police massacre at Melilla border Spain's Socialist Party (PSOE)-Podemos government, working with Moroccan police acting as the European Union's border guards, have carried out a barbaric massacre at the borders of the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Africa. At least 37 migrants were killed and 1 …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-06-27). Statement by New World Mathaba: Brutal Attacks on Africans in Morocco Highlights Crisis in Africa. libya360.wordpress.com STATEMENT ISSUED BY NEW WORLD MATHABA: BRUTAL ATTACKS ON AFRICANS IN MOROCCO HIGHLIGHTS CRISIS IN AFRICA On June 24th, approximately 2000 African migrants made a desperate attempt at a mass border crossing, climbing the iron fence separating Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Footage of African bodies piled up at the foot of the…

____ (2022-06-27). (Italiano) I migranti tengono in vita un miliardo di persone… nonostante le difficoltà inenarrabili. transcend.org 15 giu 2022 — Ecco un altro dato: 230 milioni di lavoratori migranti sono oggi un'importante fonte di salvezza per un miliardo di persone che muoiono di fame nelle comunità più povere del mondo, oltre che un'ancora di salvezza vitale per l'economia dei loro Paesi d'origine.

Danny O'Brien (2022-06-26). Portland: Delegation brings solidarity to migrant seafarers. workers.org Portland, Oregon The writer was part of the delegation that boarded the Otago Harbour ship. Members of Workers World Party and the Pacific Coast Coalition for Seafarers boarded the Otago Harbour cargo ship on a Central Eastside port in Portland on May 23 to visit with migrant seafarers and deliver . . . |

Workers World Party (2022-06-26). Free Mumia! Free 'Em All! Support WW reporting. workers.org The U.S. has the highest percentage of its population in prisons — more than any other country in the world and disproportionately people of color. That's not even counting detention centers for im/migrants who flee their homes to escape U.S. imperialist aggression and impoverishment. Here, they are brutally mistreated, detained, . . . |

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