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2020-11-04: News Headlines

Muzamil Bhat (2020-11-04). In Kashmir, There are No Migrants to Reap the Rice Harvest. counterpunch.org "This might be the last season for cultivating paddy in my fields if Covid-19 does not go away," said Abdul Rehman, drinking water which Haleema, his wife, had poured for him in a steel tumbler after a tiring day in the family's field in Nagbal village of Ganderbal district in Central Kashmir. He was working

Areeb Ullah (2020-11-04). Saudi Arabia to allow foreign workers to change jobs without employer's permission. middleeasteye.net Saudi Arabia to allow foreign workers to change jobs without employer's permission | New labour reforms will not apply to the millions of migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia | Wed, 11/04/2020 – 11: 16 | New rules will allow workers to change jobs and leave the country without their employers' permission (AFP) | Saudi Arabia has introduced plans to ease restrictions imposed on foreign workers and mak…

Macollvie J. Neel (2020-11-04). How immigrant communities are confronting COVID challenges. nationofchange.org "With Caribbean people in general, we have a way of adapting to situations [that] we're put into to make the most out of them."

_____ (2020-11-03). 'The Coming War On China' — Watch John Pilger's Powerfully Relevant Documentary. strategic-culture.org Caitlin JOHNSTONE | "The aim of this film is to break a silence: the United States and China may well be on the road to war, and nuclear war is no longer unthinkable," Pilger says in his 2016 documentary The Coming War on China, which "In a few years China has become the world's second-biggest economic power," Pilger's introduction continues. "The United States is the world's biggest military power, with bases and missiles and ships covering ever…

Lucas Leiroz de Almeida (2020-11-03). Relations Between Mexico and India Are on the Rise. asia-pacificresearch.com

Paul Craig Roberts (2020-11-03). Britain and America Are Wiping Themselves Off of the Face of the Earth. thealtworld.com Britain and America are in a race to see who can be first to reject their culture and repudiate their history. | In Britain museums Are Hiding Their Exhibits Because They Show Savagery of Primitive (a politically incorrect word) Societies Instead of Equality with, or Superiority over, the West and Are Collections of Imperialist Bias. | The Telegraph reports that museum directors and immigrant-invader activists are decolonizing Britain by purging all signs of imperialist bias and erasing British history. "Indeed scarcely a week passes without another flashpoint emerging — the removal of statues, the BBC's pl…

sputniknews (2020-11-03). Black Hispanic People at Highest Risk for Severe COVID-19 Outcomes – Study. sputniknews.com A new study led by the Boston Medical Center (BMC) and recently published in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health has found that Black Hispanic people experience worse COVID-19 outcomes than other individuals.

WSWS (2020-11-02). At least 140 drown in refugee boat disaster off Senegal coast. wsws.org The increasing use of the dangerous route is the outcome of the European powers' migration policies that led thousands of migrants to drown in the Mediterranean.